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Contest - #MINSK2019: My Greetings to 2nd European Games

Starting from April 1, 2018 Radio Belarus jointly with the Foundation "Directorate of the 2nd European Games 2019" holds a selfie contest "MINSK2019: My greetings to the 2nd European Games".

To become a participant it will be necessary to take a selfie while doing sports or against the background of some sports facilities, put words #MINSK2019 on it, fill in the submission form above.

The deadline for submitting the selfie photos is December 31, 2018.

The criteria for evaluating photos include compliance with the theme and conditions of the contest, as well as artistic taste and originality.

The final results are to be announced in February 2018.

The winners will be awarded with diplomas from Belteleradiocompany, as well as sets of tickets for the events of the European Games in Minsk and the official gear of the National Team of the Republic of Belarus.


Nina from russian city of Balashikha send greetings to 2nd European Games!

Raif Chaaban from Lebanon sends sports greetings to Minsk!

Darya Popova from Minsk writes: "I send my greetings to 2nd European Games and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to take part in such a great contest!)"

Darya Mukha from Svetlogors sends sports greetings to the upcoming 2nd European Games!

Olga Pinchuk from Fanipol sends sports greetings!

Arina Mikhalchenko sends sports greetings from Moscow!


Vera Kuznetsova of Altai Krai (Russia) sends greetings to the upcoming II European Games in Minsk and sent to the contest photo of her husband


The “Zorki” Junior Readers from Vitebsk decided to join the contest “My Greetings to 2nd European Games” together with toy blogger Zoryushka!

Kristina Alekseeva from Russia sends sports greetings to Minsk and the 2nd European Games!

Mikhail from Novolukoml (Belarus) sends sports greetings to Minsk and the 2nd European Games!

Anastasia Kovaliova from Russia sends greetings to Minsk and 2nd European games!


Anastasia and Elizaveta Kudryavtsevа sends sports greetings to Minsk and the 2nd European Games!

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