The historical, geographical and cultural project that will be interesting for anyone, who is eager to know more about Belarusians, their motherland and history.  The host of the program is Victoria White.
This is a weekly program, which acquaints our foreign listeners with Belarusian environment and nature. Belarusian national parks and wildlife reserves, unique natural complexes, ecological issues...These and other topics are presented in the...
This weekly project acquaints foreign listeners with Belarusian cities, towns and villages. Every week we discover new places of interest. This program will be helpful for  tourists in finding ingenious ideas for the better journey around...
The program offers our foreign listeners analysis and comments on the major international political events, official position of the state's leadership, opinions of specialists in the sphere of international relations, representatives of political,...
Cultural Front provides a useful insight into the latest developments in the world of Belarusian culture. Be first to learn about the numerous events, exhibitions and concerts across the country with Cultural Front's knowledgeable host Sander Nevski...
"Popular diplomacy" is the program about interesting people of our time, about those who have been abroad and are ready to share their impressions of far foreign countries, as well as about the guests who chose our blue-eyed Belarus for studies,...
This is a weekly programme that tells about the main developments in the Belarusian science. We bring to you the latest news and interviews with Belarusian scientists. Together with the programme "In the World of Belarusian Science" you will make a...
This is a weekly programme which reviews the letters from our listeners in different countries of the world. These are people who are interested in our country, its political, economic and cultural life. Among our regular listeners are...
This is a weekly programme dedicated to the economy of the Republic of Belarus. The programme tells about Belarusian industries, enterprises, investment opportunities in Belarus. Special attention is paid to the state policy in the sphere of economy...
This is a weekly programme which tells about relations between Belarus and the countries of the world. Implementation of various projects in Belarus, participation of Belarus in international organizations, bilateral relations between Belarus and...

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