Contest "Discover Belarus!"

Dear friends, Radio "Belarus" International starts a new season. We welcome all of our listeners to our waves! We are especially glad once again to congratulate those who participated in our contest "Discover Belarus", which was held in the past season.

First place: Jarosław Jędrzejczak (Poland) and Werner Schubert (Germany),

Second place: Richard Chen (Trinidad and Tobago) and Christian Ghibaudo (France),

Third place: Sanussi Isah Dankaba  (Nigeria) and Labiad Bouabid (Morocco).

We are pleased to announce that the following participants will also receive prizes from our radio:
Grant Skinner, Terry Jones (UK), Elena Buchel (Latvia), Paul Gager (Germany), Li Ming (China), Idriss Bououdina (Morocco).

Here are our winners:

 Jarosław Jędrzejczak, Poland, 1st place.

I have a higher technical education.
My hobby is radio and everything related to it. I’m especially interested in Polish and Polish-speaking radio stations all over the world.
I’ve been listening to Radio Belarus since October 2006. Now I listen to you through the Internet.
I like your projects “Firsthand” and “Vernisage”. I like to travel and maybe this is why I like programs about your country “Welcome to Belarus”, “Travel Guide”, “Palette of Belarus” and “Belarusian Way”.


 Christian Ghibaudo, France, 2nd place.

- my profession: purchasing manager in a nursing home.
- I listen Radio Belarus in English since 10 years, and in French since 2011.
- My favorite program is Belarus de A à Z in French language.
- I wish plenty listeners to Radio Belarus, and hope that the French programmes will be broadcast daily on shortwaves, like now on Internet.

                                        Richard Chen, Trinidad and Tobago, 2nd place.

I am a State employee working in a large Government Ministry and my job is in the
internal auditing field.
I have been listening to Radio Belarus for the past year over the internet with excellent streaming reception as a result of the Contest.As a long time shortwave listener of over 20 years I believe I have heard  Radio Minsk and have written to you.
My favourite programmes are Postcard from Belarus, In the depth of the country, Letters to Editor, The Cradle, Best songs of "Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk", News from Belarus.
I wish Radio Belarus all the best as it seeks to promote international friendship and co-operation thru its programming; it is bringing Belarus to peoples  far and wide over the internet on radio, tv and shortwave.Personally I have learnt a lot about Belarus and I hope that Radio Belarus will continue to go from strength to strength in this new century.


Sanussi Isah Dankaba, Nigeria, 3rd place.

I have only secondary certificate from technical collage but i was try to obtained a polytechnic diploma certificate were i got problem in the end of semester of final year due to the lack of financial support, but now i am doing a little business inorder to survive my life.

About the issues how long have been me listening to your radio? i can remenberred is five years ago but concentrated your programmes expecially from your website is just two years ago.

About radio belarus favourite programmes? my favourite programme is include the news, Postcard from Belarus and "Belarusian Way"

What would you wish to our radio?  So i wish radio belarus to continue organizing more competitions to we listeners in the near future.

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