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Vyacheslav Laktjuishin
Vyacheslav Laktjuishin

Radio Belarus' English-language programming

Radio Belarus started broadcasting in English in January 1998. At first the time of English broadcast, composed of news programs, was 30 minutes a week. At the moment the air time is 2 hours a day plus 22 hours in the Web. The service features news, analytical, political, cultural, and educational and music programs.

Programs on the air:
The program "Events" is on the air every Tuesday. It highlights the chief political and economic event of the week, providing analysis of situation in Belarus and abroad. 

Program in the Internet:
Daily news editions are aired every hour.
"International Review" comments on the world politics on Mondays.
"Business in Belarus" is a program about economic and business events, conditions and avenues for foreign business in Belarus, on Fridays"
"Intellectual Factor" tells of the state of education and science in Belarus, every Wednesday.
"Popular Diplomacy" covers links of Belarus with other nations. It is about the role of communication in bridging ethnical gaps and destroying false stereotypes, on Thursdays.
"Belarusian Way" is a program about development pattern, chosen by the Belarusian society, spiritual values of our nation, political traditions and history of the Belarusian statehood, every Wednesday.
"Youth Format" is a program about state youth policy and the life of the Belarusian youth, on Wednesdays.
"Postcard from Belarus" is a program about historic monuments and interesting sites of Belarus, the most convenient types of travel in Belarus and luring tourist destinations, every Thursday.
"Environment", "Unlimited Nature" is a program about natural reserves of Belarus, environmental activity of the state, unique nature, rare animal and plant species and their behavior, on Tuesdays.
"Letters to Editor" reviews letters, received by radio "Belarus", on Saturdays.
"Musicbox" tells about modern Belarusian music, its major genres and new names, on Mondays.
The programs of English-language broadcasting cover all aspects of political, economic and cultural life of Belarus, its domestic and foreign policies.


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