Belarusian language lessons

Tatiana Sivets
Project by Tatiana Sivets
Language is the soul of any nation, the reflection of its life and the condition of its existence!
We heartily invite those who like the sweetness and melodiousness of the Belarusian language who are fascinated with the beauty of Belarusian lands, and admire Belarusian national customs and literature to study Belarusian together!
You intend to visit Belarus? Want your children master your native language? Take a keen interest in Belarusian art and culture? Wish to have one more language under your belt? Or what not?.. We are going to help you!
Vocabulary and grammar, phonetics and phraseology of the Belarusian language; topical events of Belarusian history; Belarusian national traditions and customs; masterpieces of Belarusian literature – you’ll learn all this and many other things, if tune to our project "From the Slavic Roots" on Radio "Belarus"!
Don’t be afraid of studying! For Belarusian is lively, fascinating and necessary!!!
We are looking forward to meet you! Every Tuesday we are going to make a wonderful journey over the Fair Land of Belarusian language.
Speak Belarusian!
Stay tuned to radio "Belarus"!


Belarusian still holds a prominent position in Belarusian society as a symbol of Belarusian identity. Many government documents are printed only in Belarusian and most street signs are in Belarusian. Every schoolchild is required to learn the language, and almost all Belarusians can speak it at least to some extent. Knowledge of Belarusian is valuable to anyone who spends any amount of time in Belarus or takes a keen interest in its literature and culture. Our lessons are not going to be confined to lexical-grammar material only, but together with this you’ll have the opportunity to get acquainted with Belarusian traditions and customs, listen to the shortcuts of Belarusian literary masterpieces and what not… Moreover, you can download our audio-lessons from this site!


Do you know anything about Belarus and Belarusian? To tell the truth, the language of Belarus reflects, in part, the complicated history of Belarus.
Belarusian is an Indo-European language, one of the East Slavic languages, along with Russian and Ukrainian. For historical reasons, it can be written with either the Cyrillic (kirylica) or accented Latin (Latsinka) alphabets. Since Belarusian religious literature shared its origins with Russian and Ukrainian in the 11th through 14th centuries (when the common language was what is often called Church Slavonic), Belarusian literature, and thus the written language, only came into its own in the 15th century. To the beginning of the 17-th century Old Belarusian came to its top being used in all spheres of social and cultural life of the country. But since the end of the 17-th century up to the end of the 19-th century Belarusian was officially banned and outnumbered firstly by Polish and then by Russian. No wonder that the revitalization of Belarusian in the 20-th century was such a long and painful process. Although there have been periodic efforts to strengthen the use of the Belarusian language in Belarus by a relatively small but well educated minority, many people still consider Belarusian as the language of the village and the countryside. But in spite of this, there are thousands of Belarusians in Belarus who work to keep it alive! 

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