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Naum Galperovich

Every man, every country has original features of its own. "From A to Z" program talks exactly about Belarus, its history and culture, marvelous, wise and courageous people. Together with my colleagues we are writing a live history of our country.

* Naum Yakovlevich was modest, but we believe we should say that he is the author of a number of books, lyricist of many popular songs, script-writer for various TV and radio projects. His literary works were translated into Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, English, other languages. He started as a plant worker, then a proofreader at a newspaper. His journalistic career began at a district newspaper. Then he was an editor of a plant radio, a correspondent of State TV and Radio Company, deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Vozhyk Magazine, Literature and Art Newspaper, deputy head of the Belarus’ writers’ union.


Vyacheslav Laktiushin

Working at the Belarusian Radio since 1998, from the first days of the English-language service foreign broadcasting. Author and anchorman of news issues, political, cultural and educational projects. My main hobby is inseparable from the job – translation of the Belarusian poetry into English for the series "Cultural palette of Belarus". I am confident, that the Belarusian poetry deserves to be available for the world cultural community.

Grigori Mitiushnikov

Journalism is a way of constant improvement. When telling the audience about some event or presenting interesting persons, one has an opportunity to learn new things. More so as the radio provides a unique possibility to use the emotivity of words to express all that cannot be shown.

Pavel Lazovik

Evgeny Kovalchuk

Show interest in people and they will show interest in you.

Olga Blazhevich

I have been working at radio "Belarus" since 2004. During these years, I have understood that there is no needless knowledge in the work of a journalist. At the same time, there is no sense in learning, comprehending, searching, clearing up if everything lies dormant in your mind. That’s why I’m glad to have an opportunity to share my knowledge and opinions with our listeners. And it’s even greater to continue learning something new of my country and tell the others about it. Knowing that it’s not in vain…


Marina Dragina

Dzmitry Zaneuski

Has been with the English service since 2005.
Keen on post-modernist novels and British sitcoms.
Skeptical about autobiographies.

Sasha Kravchenko

Alexander Kravchenko

An inconsistent person :) I like travels, especially musical ones, and I also take it easy when in trouble, which is my frequent state. I embrace the "Occam's Razor" and common sense - give it a try. I'm somewhat curious and purposeful.

Elena Shikun

Elena Shikun

"If we fight, we may lose,
if we don’t fight, we have already lost"
Think about it one day and you will see incredible things take on a very real shape.

Tatiana Chebotar

A spokesperson, an actress, a writer, a philosopher… You have to try all of these masks when working in journalism. And it is for you to decide, if I manage to do it well!


Vjacheslav Matjushenko

It is hard to speak of yourself. I am in my 50-ies. If it is much, I don’t know. The age does not mean a thing, still, it sometimes makes me sad, when colleagues address me by my patronymic. I would prefer merely by name… The work at the radio is not just a work, but a way of life. Yet, sometimes I feel like forgetting about interviews, reports, studio recordings, and computer editing. The philosophy of my life is: everything will pass – the good and the bad. Sooner or later.

Victoria Bondarenko

I have learnt three main principles while working at radio "Belarus": 
- co-operation, 
- mutual understanding,
- responsibility.

 Yuri Kuzmich

I am interested in the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. My favorite style of architecture is baroque. Favorite Belarusian city - Grodno.
I am working with the Polish service of Radio Belarus International.

Helen Bells

"There’s nothing more important than feelings. Feelings are the only thing worth living for – apart from the opportunity to tell somebody about them." It’s a quotation from one of my favorite books "Loneliness in the Internet", written by Janush Leon Vishnevski. When I read this phrase I understood that I live and create according to this principle, for I am one of those lucky women who get true satisfaction from their work. Besides, from my point of view journalism is a peculiar factory for creating, storing and spreading of feelings.

 Yekaterina Poletayeva

The official voice of our programs in French; also hosts programs in English.

Roman Nesterovich

Graduated from the Spanish Department of Minsk State Linguistic University. Started working at Radio House while still a student and immediately fell in love with this job.

With a positive attitude to life, I love jokes and enjoy good food. I host programs in Spanish, English, Russian and Belarusian languages. Also, I can proudly say that I work, perhaps, in the best and most friendly team of people who enjoy what they do.

Marina Savitskaya

Marina Savitskaya

I am always in motion, without standing any moment. That doesn't get me tired, but it also gives energy for new ideas. I always set a goal and go ahead, trying not to pay attention to possible obstacles. My optimism and faith in tomorrow help me in my everyday activity.

Working for the radio lets me to communicate with interesting people, and gives me an opportunity to share my soul with the whole world.

Tatyana Maksimchik

Graduated from the Minsk State Linguistic University. Has beeen with Radio Belarus since 2013. Author and presenter of the programs "Our billboard", "Palette of Belarus", "Green World", as well as news for the Polish service. Introduces the audience to Belarusian tourist attractions in "Postcard from Belarus" in English. Interviews guests in "Music Store" and "Late-night hour with Radio Belarus".

"A journalist should know a little about all things
and everything about a few." This idea is the credo by which I am guided not only in my work. Every day I am eager to discover new things and to share it with our listeners.

Tatyana Gargalyk

“Good journalists challenge the routine in their work and beyond. They have their own ideas, they are not limited to traditional methods, they are trying to work in new ways. (....) They refer to intact subjects and are looking for new ways to highlight casual ones”. It seems to me that this definition from one of my favorite books “The Universal Journalist” by D. Randall perfectly suits the staff of Radio “Belarus”. I am very glad to work in a team of "universal journalists!”

Yauhen Kalechyts

Radio host, journalist and sound engineer

Inna Bondarovich

I think, to feel comfortable in journalism, as in any other profession, it is important to develop. The journalist always has to be "in the midst of events." In addition to mastering the technical side of things, we are talking also about the huge amount of information that has to literally pass through one. We must be aware of the latest developments in politics, economy, culture, social sphere. Important is also quick reaction and ability to analyze information, understanding the context. I am grateful to the profession and colleagues for these skills.

Viktoriya Piatkevich

Graduated from the Institute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University, has beeen with Radio Belarus since student years as a freelancer. I prepare reports and programs in Belarusian and Russian languages.
Through the work at the international radio I keep discovering Belarus in a new way when I travel across the country and find out first-hand about the interesting, unusual, varied life of Belarusians.

Yuliya Adamovich


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English Service
Radio Belarus,

Greetings to all staff and listeners of English Service of Radio Belarus.
We listen your webcast program. Your program quality is very nice. Your website is colorful & documented.
We liked your programs, News, and Current Affairs Program. We are interested about Culture, life style of Belarusian people, historical places, Tourist attraction and destination of Belarus.
Please send some program schedule (A19), Calendar , sticker, view card, Promotional items of Radio Belarus for our club members and students.
21st June was fifth International Yoga Day observed across the world. The theme for Yoga Day 2019 was "Yoga for Climate Action”. On this day, which is dedicated to inner and outer well-being of human body, people across the world practice yoga in groups. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice.
We send you some photos related the program which was held in our area on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Our club members are also practice some Yoga.
We are waiting for your reply.

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dthank you for your comment! We'll send you some of our souvenirs ASAP.
Stay tuned and 73,

Hallo Radio Belarus,

ja der Dieter Leupold ist jetzt auch hier im Gästebuch vertreten... Super, bald sind wir alle zusammen hier im "Belarus Hörerclub", Dieter könnte 1.Vorsitzender werden und Jana und Elena Ehrernmitglieder, Helmut Matt Schriftführer, Alfred Albrecht Beisitzer und ich mache Hausmeister:-) Lutz Winkler wie fit bist Du bereits wieder, für Dich finden wir auch eine nette Aufgabe:-) Beste Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende.



Lieber Dietmar,

das stimmt, für alle finden wir im Hörerklub eine Aufgabe!:)
Liebe Grüße und einen guten Start in die Woche!

I recently learned my surname is not Polish, but Belarusian. I heard you on shortwave in the past and am so happy to listen online in English. We hear nothing about Belarus here in the US so I am so glad to learn about your country. Keep on broadcasting in English. I also joined the Hoererklub on Facebook as I can understand German. If you have information or a station pennant, I will very much appreciate it.
Sheryl Paszkiewicz, 1015 Green St, Manitowoc WI 54220 USA


Dear Sheryl, thank you very much for listening to us! We'll send you some of our souvenirs as soon as we can. By the way, if you're interested, you can participate in our "The Old Country's Loving Call" project and send a greeting to Belarus. You can find more detailed information at

Also, in case you like sports, here's the link to an international competition of ours "My Greetings to 2nd European Games"

73 from the entire staff of RBI! Прывiтанне з Малой Радiзмы :)

Hello from Birmingham United Kingdom!

My name is Michael.

I really enjoyed listening to your program on the Hotbird satellite 13e. I very much love listening to your news and current affairs.
Ask you to send me a small gifts. I hope you guys are all good.

Lots of love from UK

Especially enjoying learning about Belarus. History and culture

Michael Rogers

Flat 2 463 City road Birmingham

B17 8LG

United Kingdom



thank you very much for listening to us! We're glad that you enjoy our programs. We'll send you some of our souvenirs as soon as we can. Best regards and stay tuned!

Hello. I am a new listener to your English service. I listen on the Radio 1 News app. I enjoyed listening to the news. Do you have any information on shortwave broadcasts you can send me?

Thank you,

Joe Cosimo

23 Ivy Ln, Dupont, PA 18641 U.S.A.


Dear Joe, thank you for listening to Radio Belarus International! We're glad that you enjoyed our news. RBI broadcasts on shortwave only in German on 6005 and 3985 kHz. News and programs in English are available via our website and satellites. We'll also send you a postcard and a small souvenir as soon as we can. 73!


My name is Younes Lazazi, I am from Algeria.
I am very happy that radio Belarus has started broadcasting in Arabic.
I would like to receive stickers and printed matter of the station and the Arabic and french services if possible.
My address:

Monsieur Younes Lazazi 14 rue Maza Boualem El-Harrach 16009 Alger Algérie

Thank you.


Dear Younes Lazazi,

we're happy that you like our boradcasts. We'll send you some of our printed materials via mail in the nearest future. 73!

Dear English Service Radio Belarus,

Greetings to all staff and listeners of English Service of Radio Belarus. We listen your webcast program. Your program quality is very nice. Your website is colorful & documented. We liked your programs, News, and Current Affairs Program. We are interested about Culture, life style of Belarusian people, historical places, Tourist attraction and destination of Belarus.

Please send some program schedule, sticker, view card, Promotional items of Radio Belarus for our club members and students.

We are waiting for your reply.

With best wishes,



Metali Listeners' Club



Dear Shivendu Paul,

thank you very much for listening to us! Your club is among our most dedicated listeners. We will send you some of our promotional products as soon as possible. 73!


Did the arabic programmes start? I don't see them on your Internetcast schedule page. Thanks!


Hello! The Arabic programmes have been on air since October, every Monday. You can see the schedule and listen to them on our Arabic page


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