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Hello from Gent in Belgium ,

Since the 1 of april your station is off air on 279 khz Long Wave. And I did love to listen to it late at night we will miss it a lot. I'm 57 years of age and listen to the radio for more than 45 years as a hobby on MW , LW and SW.

Please comeback on air on 279 khz LW !

All the best from Gent in Belgium

73 Herman

Dear Herman, you can still listen to us via the Internet and satellites. Stay tuned. 73!

Hugo Matten

To: Radio Belarus
English language service

From: Hugo Matten,
Krommegrachtstraat 2
BELGIUM (Europe)

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

First of all, thanks to my report for "Belarus-1" to send to them and also thanks in advance for sending us some souvenirs of your station. (see on Guestbook Sat, 04/02/2016 - 21:37).

I have much pleasure in informing you that I heard also an English language programme of Radio Belarus on the short wave and I hope you will be intere¬sted in the following recepti¬on report :

TO RADIO: Radio Belarus
DATE: March 30, 2016
TIME: 20.00 - 20.30 UTC
FREQUENCY: 11730 kHz
• Signal strength =3 = Fair
• Interference = 4 = Slight
• Noise: = 3 = Moderate
• Propagation disturbance = 3 = Moderate
• Overall merit = 3 = Fair

ANTENNA: T2FD 17 metres long

To make sure that I have been listening, here are some details to identify the programme I heard:
The broadcast was in the English language.
At 20.00 UTC the identification done by a male presenter: “You are listening to Radio Station Belarus”
- Between 20.00 and 20.07 I heard “The News Bulletin” It was done by a male. In it about the Belarus neutral position on Ukraine crisis and at 20.06 about Minsk targets Riga and Tbilisi with latest tourism campaign.
- At 20.11 information about “Belarus 24 channel”.
- At 20.13 information about the programmes of Radio Belarus done by a female presenter. I heard also the link of the Radio Belarus website.
- Between 20.15 and 20.19 your programme brought an instrumental song.
- At 20.20 the programme “Made in Belarus” In it about “The Flora House”
After 20.26 very bad reception of Radio Belarus.

I am very proud of having been able to hear your station from Belarus.
Since April 1, I think the broadcasts stopped on the short wave! A pity, I found it an ideal way, to through my short wave radio, to learn more and interesting information about Belarus.

If this report is found to be correct, I would appreciate it very much if you will send me a QSL confirmation card or confirmation letter, mentioning the date, time and frequency of reception,

Thanking you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,

Hugo Matten

Dear Mr. Matten, thank you for listening to Radio "Belarus" International :) We've already sent you a package via post. Stay tuned!

He tengfei



Hugo Matten


To: Radio Belarus

From: Hugo Matten,
Krommegrachtstraat 2
Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I have much pleasure in informing you that I heard a programme of Radio Belarus on the long wave and I hope you will be intere­sted in the following recepti­on report :

TO RADIO: Radio Belarus
DATE: March 31, 2016
TIME: 19.00 - 19.45 UTC = between 22h00 and 22h45 your local time
· Signal strength: Fair
· Interference: Slight
· Noise: Severe to Moderate
· Propagation disturbance: moderate
· Overall merit: Poor to Fair
ANTENNA: Wellbrook ALA-1530 directional loop antenna

To make sure that I have been listening, here are some details to identify the programme I heard:

The broadcast was in the Russian or in the Belarusian language.

- Between 19.00 and 19.05 I heard an information programme, I think it was “The News Bulletin” It was done by a female:

- At 19.05, after “The News Bulletin” I heard the identification done by a male.

- Between 19.05 and 19.40 your programme was a radio play. In the background I heard sometimes instrumental music.

A pity, because I did not understand the language,so it was for me impossible to understand the contents of the programme.

As my hobby is listening to remote radios on medium- and long wave for 35 years now. Mostly I listen to broadcast stations and I have been sending reception reports to this sometimes far-away stations. Thereby I received beautiful verification cards and letters (= QSL's) for in my collecting of album.

I'm 63 years old and I live in little village near Veur­ne in Belgium. That’s about 10 Km from the France frontier and about 10 Km from the North Sea coast.

I am very proud of having been able to hear your station from Belarus.

If this report is found to be correct, I would appreciate it very much if you will send me a QSL confirmation card or confirmation letter, mentioning the date, time and frequency of reception,

Thanking you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,

Hugo Matten

Dear Mr.Matten, you've probably been listening not to Radio "Belarus" International, but to "Belarus-1" Radio Channel. We've redirected your message to them, but we're still going to send you a couple of souvenirs from our radio. By the way, you can listen to Radio "Belarus" International in both French and English if you like. Check out the webcast schedule on our site.

John C.

It is with great sadness that I heard the news that Radio Belaris was going off the air effective 1April. What a shame. The past three years I have been interested in Shortwave DXing, your station has been one of my favorites to try and listen to in the Eastern US state of Pennsylvania. Many days I tried and was unable to bring your signal in, but on days that I could hear it here I was always impressed ith the programming information and I liked the music. I learned things about your great country and citizens that I probably would have never learned unless I heard in on the SW radio.

Those who are in control of the purse strings don't seem to realize how important your broadcasts are and were to many of us in the USA wanting to learn about Belarus, a country that until recently has been shrouded in mystery. When I could get your station in I learned a little more each week about Belarus and why it is important in the world. Thank you for what you taught me. I will miss learning more through your broadcasts. Good luck and God bless all of you in the English section. I will miss you......

Dear John C., thank you very much for your kind words. You can continue learning about Belarus via our Internet site, webcast and Galaxy 19 satellite. We encourage you to give it a try. Stay tuned)

Jean-Michel Aubier

Bonjour; confirmez-vous l'arrêt de vos émissions sur ondes courtes au 1er avril 2016 ? Est-ce une décision définitive ? Pourriez-vous diffuser via l'Allemagne (émetteur de Kall Krekel) comme vos collègues germanophones) ? Merci

Pour le moment nous continuons toujours de diffuser aux ondes courtes. Voici nous fréquences de 27.03.2016 à 30.10.2016:
de 14.00 a 02.00 (heure locale, soit 11.00 - 23.00 UTC) sur 11 730 kHz;
de 20.05 a 02.00 (heure locale, soit 17.05 - 23.00 UTC) sur 11 930 kHz.
Pour être au courant des changements éventuels, suivez les mises à jour sur notre page web.


Liebe Frau Mantel,
vielen Dank für Ihre Mitteilung. Wir werden Ihre Meinung sowie die Meinungen anderer Abstimmungsteilnehmer unbedingt berücksichtigen.

Wir möchten auch bemerken, dass die Stimmanzahl laut den Regeln des „Selfie“-Wettbewerbs kein einziges Kriterium bei der Feststellung der Sieger und Preisträger ist.

Freundliche Grüße aus Minsk,
das Team von Radio Belarus

Sun shulin



Michał Górski

"Witam Całe "Radio Białoruś".
Dzień Dobry.
Nazywam się Michał Górski. Mam 16 lat. Jestem z Polski. Mieszkam w Żyrardowie.
Od pewnego czasu wieczorami słucham na falach średnich lub falach krótkich "Radio Białoruś".
Na falach średnich "Radio Białoruś" słucham na częstotliwości 1170 kHz, a na falach krótkich na 11730 kHz lub 11930 kHz.
Odbiór "Radia Białoruś" zwłaszcza na falach średnich jest u mnie bardzo dobry.
Bardzo podobają mi się audycje nadawane przez "Radio Białoruś". Moim zdaniem są one bardzo interesujące.
Jako dowód odbioru przeze mnie "Radia Białoruś" na falach średnich, mogę wysłać do Państwa 18.-sekundowe nagranie przedstawiające odbiór "Radia Białoruś" na radioodbiorniku samochodowym.
Nagranie to wykonałem dnia 2 marca 2016 roku w Warszawie, o godzinie 17:05 ( według czasu obowiązującego w Polsce).
W związku z powyższym, jeśli Państwo możecie, to Uprzejmie Proszę o wysłanie przez Państwa na mój adres zamieszkania karty QSL. Będę za to Państwu ogromnie wdzięczny.
Pozdrawiam Wszystkich Państwa.
-Michał Górski - Słuchacz "Radio Białoruś"-
Mój adres zamieszkania, to:
Michał Górski
ul. Generała W. Sikorskiego 10 B
96-300 Żyrardów.

Szanowny Michale!
Dziękujemy za wiadomość. Cieszymy się, że podobają się Tobie nasze audycje. QSL karta została wysłana na podany adres.
Z poważaniem
redakcja polskojęzyczna radia "Białoruś".

Adam Wiśniewski

"Dzień Dobry, "Radio Białoruś"

Nazywam się Adam Wiśniewski, mieszkam w centralnej Polsce, 40 km od Warszawy.

Często wieczorami odbieram "Radio Białoruś" na falach średnich (na częstotliwości 1170 kHz), oraz na falach krótkich (na częstotliwości 11730 kHz).
Od czasu do czasu, odbieram też "Radio Białoruś" na 96,9 MHz z nadajnika w Grodnie.
Jest mi bardzo przyjemnie, gdy słucham "Radio Białoruś".
Życzę całemu "Radio Białoruś" wszystkiego najlepszego, sukcesów oraz powodzenia w przyszłości.

Bardzo proszę, o wysłanie na mój adres zamieszkania karty QSL.

Pozdrawiam Państwa.
Z niecierpliwością czekam na Państwa odpowiedź.

Z Wyrazami Szacunku:
Adam Wiśniewski.
Słuchacz "Radio Białoruś" z Polski".

Mój adres zamieszkania, to:

Adam Wiśniewski
Nowy Modlin
Nowy Modlin 6
05-180 Pomiechówek

Szanowny Panie Adamie!
Dziękujemy za komentarz i życzenia.
QSL karta zostanie wysłana na Pana adres.




Craig Jordan

Dear Radio Belarus,

I was listening to the webcast of 03/09/2016 between 1700 - 1725 UTC to the following programs:

1700 -1711 Daily news review
1711 - 1720- Welcome to Belarus
- featured: Mogilev Region and Niasvizh
1720-1725 Belarus Economic Opportunities.

I have an interest in Belarus and the Belarusian culture. Belarus is not well known to us here in the United States. It is hoped that Belarus continues to promote its own identity to the world. This broadcast is very helpful in that regard.

Does Radio Belarus issue QSL cards? If so, I would like to request one as a souvenier. I can be contacted at

Craig Jordan
8145 Port Royale Way
Sacramento, CA 95823-6625
United States of America

Thank you and best regards

Dear Craig, thank you very much for such kind words! We've already sent you a letter with a QSL and some souvenirs :) Stay tuned.




Kevin Zhao



Чень Сюань

я очень люблю Чжан Хайянь! Нананананана

Большое спасибо :))




chen qing






Dietmar Wolf

Liebe deutsche Redaktion und Liebe Frau Natallia Binkewitsch,
Ihre mittelalterliche Musik im Hörerclub war ein Ohrenschmaus und hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Danke dafür!
Geschichten über Belarus sind auch immer sehr interessant. Irgendwann werde ich bestimmt mal vorbeikommen:-)
Beste Grüße aus Hammelburg
Ihr Stammhörer
Dietmar Wolf

Lieber Herr Wolf,
das ist sehr angenehm, dass Sie die Verbindung zu uns immer pflegen. Bald treten einige ernste Veränderungen ein. Ich vermute, Sie wissen, worum es sich handelt. Vielen Dank nochmals, dass Sie hier im Gästebuch Ihre Kommentare lassen.
Ich werde mich bemühen, in den nächsten HK-Sendungen etwas Interessantes weiter zu erzählen.
Außerdem werde ich auch auf ein Telefoninterview hoffen, wenn wir uns hier endlich zurechtfinden.

Herzliche Grüße aus Minsk,
Natallia Binkewitsch,
die deutsche Redaktion.

Johannes Wenzel

Liebe Mitarbeiter der deutschen Redaktion,liebe Frau Binkewitsch!
Herzliche Sonntagsgrüße heute am 14.2.16 für Sie Alle.Vielen Dank für die sehr ausführliche Antwort zu meiner Frage,
Dampflokmuseum,im gestrigen Hörerklub.Das war prima.Ich habe gleich Lust bekommenen,die Museen zu besuchen.
Es war wie immer eine sehr interessante und informative Sendung.Ich freue mich auf die Nächsten.
Johannes Wenzel

Lieber Herr Wenzel,

vielen Dank für Ihre Mitteilung hier, im Gästebuch! Und wir freuen uns, dass die HK-Ausgabe Ihnen gefallen hat. Wir sind immer für Ihre Fragen offen. Wir selbst erfahren mehr über unser Land, indem wir die Fragen der Stammhörer beantworten.

Herzliche Grüße aus Minsk,
Natallia Binkewitsch,
der deutsche Dienst

інтэрнэт вяшчанне
Зараз у эфіры:
12.00 Навіны (Англ.) (п.)

12.20 Наша інтэграцыя (Англ.) (п.)

Расклад Iнтэрнет-вяшчання
Расклад спадарожнікавага вяшчання (рэкамендыцыі па прыёме тут)
Расклад FM-вяшчання

English Service
Radio Belarus,

Greetings to all staff and listeners of English Service of Radio Belarus.
We listen your webcast program. Your program quality is very nice. Your website is colorful & documented.
We liked your programs, News, and Current Affairs Program. We are interested about Culture, life style of Belarusian people, historical places, Tourist attraction and destination of Belarus.
Please send some program schedule (A19), Calendar , sticker, view card, Promotional items of Radio Belarus for our club members and students.
21st June was fifth International Yoga Day observed across the world. The theme for Yoga Day 2019 was "Yoga for Climate Action”. On this day, which is dedicated to inner and outer well-being of human body, people across the world practice yoga in groups. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice.
We send you some photos related the program which was held in our area on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Our club members are also practice some Yoga.
We are waiting for your reply.

With best wishes,


Dear Shivendu Paul and Metali Listeners' Club,

dthank you for your comment! We'll send you some of our souvenirs ASAP.
Stay tuned and 73,

Hallo Radio Belarus,

ja der Dieter Leupold ist jetzt auch hier im Gästebuch vertreten... Super, bald sind wir alle zusammen hier im "Belarus Hörerclub", Dieter könnte 1.Vorsitzender werden und Jana und Elena Ehrernmitglieder, Helmut Matt Schriftführer, Alfred Albrecht Beisitzer und ich mache Hausmeister:-) Lutz Winkler wie fit bist Du bereits wieder, für Dich finden wir auch eine nette Aufgabe:-) Beste Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende.



Lieber Dietmar,

das stimmt, für alle finden wir im Hörerklub eine Aufgabe!:)
Liebe Grüße und einen guten Start in die Woche!

Здравствуйте. Говоря о красоте природы Беларуси, о менталитете её жителей неотъемлемой чертой которого является гостеприимство хочется назвать Беларусь таким синонимом как Добрарусь.
Сосновский Кирилл.


Дзякуй за водгук!

Hallo Jana und Jelena,
Höre gerade den tollen Song 10:45 min ( Hörerbriefkasten) Was ist das für ein traditionelles Instrument im Soloteil, klingt etwas wie ein Dudelsack, aber der ist ja in Schottland:-)
Dietmar Wolf


Lieber Dietmar,
das ist wirklich ein Dudelsack :) In Belarus wird es aber Dudá genannt. Eigentlich ist Duda ein belarussisches traditionelles Musikinstrument. Übrigens gibt es viele Arten und Formen von Dudelsack in verschiedenen Kulturen und Ländern von Südamerica bis Indien.
PS: das Lied ist Каляда На Балоце von Тутэйшая Шляхта. ;)
Beste Grüße

Dear sir
How are you. I am rasheed from Pakistan. I am listners of radio Belarus. All programe is informative & intersting. I am intersting in history & culture. Thanks. Please send me some datiles about radio.


Dear Muhammad Rasheed Khan, thank you very much for listening to RBI! We'll send you a parcel via regular mail as soon as possible.
Stay tuned and 73!

Добрый день! Прошу уточнить, что за песня играла в субботу 29.09.2018 в период с 14.00 до 16.00 со словами "Маша Маруся...в Беларуси". Буду очень признательна за ответ.


Добрый день, Елена!
Интересующая вас музыкальная композиция - песня "Маня-Маруся", которую исполняет ансамбль "Сябры" (вокал: Валерий Рязанов)!
Спасибо, что Вы с нами!

Вiтаю радыё Беларусь! Я з`яуляюся сталым слухачом Вашай радыёстанцыi. Вельмi падабаюцца перадачы на замежных мовах, якiя даюць магчымасць не толькi даведацца, што адбываецца ў Беларусi i за яе межамi, але ж i ўдасканалiць веды ангельскай, нямецкай, французскай моваў, праслухаўшы перадачы. Хацелася б даведацца, цi плануе радыёстанцыя вяшчанне на FM у Мiнску, бо ў заходнiх рэгiёнах Беларусi радыёстанцыя на FM працуе. У шматнацыянальным Мiнску жыве шмат замежных грамадзян, таксама прыязджаюць турысты, якiя б маглi даведацца пра тое, што аббываецца ў краiне i за яе межамi праз радыё Беларусь. На сёння ў Мiнску няма нiводнай англамоўнай цi iншамоўнай радыёстанцыi. З павагай, ваш слухач Сяргей.
Сяргей, дзякуй за паведамленне! Сапраўды, у Мінску нашы перадачы ў ФМ-дыяпазоне не чуваць. Аднак вы можаце паслухаць абсалютна ўсе нашы перадачы непасрэдна на сайце радыё «Беларусь». Уверсе на старонцы ёсць два радкі: он-лайн вяшчанне і ФМ-вяшчанне. Так што далучайцеся да нас у Інтэрнэце!

частоты вяшчання

FM-перадатчыкі і частоты:

Брэст - 96.4 МГц
Гродна - 96.9 МГц
Свіслач - 100.8 МГц
Геранёны - 99.9 МГц
Браслаў - 106.6 МГц
Мядзель - 102.0 МГц

Спадарожнікавае вяшчанне:

тэхнічныя параметры глядзіце тут


04.04 Камертон
02.04 З Беларуссю ў сэрцы
04.04 Беларусь між народамі
02.04 Дзень краіны
З Беларуссю ў сэрцы