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Radio Belarus International is pleased to announced the names of laureates of our Hello, Belarus! selfie contest. Representatives of 18 countries took part in this competition, namely Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Canada, China, Kuwait, Nigeria, UAE, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey.


In line with the jury's decision, taken with regard to the contest's rules as well results of the voting at our website, prizes and souvenirs will be awarded to: Li Xue, China; Kevin Zhao, China; Guo Huiming, China; Mitul Kansal, India; Dietmar Wolf, Germany; Winfried Schmidt, Germany; Selcuk Efe Eke, Turkey; Jarosław Jędrzejczak, Poland; the Bsoul family, Kuwait; Claudio Gerlach, Brazil; Vladimir Gudzenko, Russia; Shahzad Shabbir, Pakistan; HR staff of the Belarusian prosthetic and orthopedic rehabilitation center, Belarus; Alexander Moiski and Žyvoje Slova Theatre, Belarus.


We are looking forward to your active participation in future contests!


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