Military action against Syria undermines the foundation of international law


The military action against Syria undermines the foundation of the existing international law, BelTA learned from Chairman of the International Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Valery Voronetsky.

Valery Voronetsky stressed that the Belarusian parliament condemns unilateral and totally unjustified missile strikes delivered by the USA and its allies against Syria. “With their military action against Syria they undermine the foundation of the existing international law, the respect for and the ability to act of the international institutions in charge of peace and international security. Such actions draw the world towards a very dangerous line,” said the MP.

“These aggressive actions against a sovereign nation run contrary to the UN Charter and provisions of the international law and have been taken without authorization of the UN Security Council. Apart from that, as far as we know, neither the U.S. Congress nor the parliaments of the UK and France have authorized military strikes against Syria if they are not related to fighting the Daesh,” added the MP.

Valery Voronetsky is convinced that returning all the parties into the international legal boundaries is the way out of the global emergency situation. Mass media reports indicate that on 14 April the United States of America in association with France and the UK started a military operation against Syria by delivering missile strikes on targets in its territory. The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously condemned these actions.

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