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Sanusi Isah Dankaba

Dear radio belarus,
thanks so much for your reply through guests book like what you have been said In the nearest future you will send me the prize, which is a set of Belarusian national souvenirs. i am not understand what belarusian national souvenirs means? please i need more explanation about the souvenirs before its reach me and finally i hope is a something very important that can use an to show my own communities that i won a great competition from your country belarus.

yours sincerely
Sanusi Isah Dankaba.

Dear Sanusi Isah Dankaba, a set of Belarusian national souvenirs means the following: a tea set, consisting of linen napkins (made of flax, which is a very popular Belarusian traditional fabric, highly valued abroad) decorated with traditional ornamental patterns.


Dear Sanusi Isah Dankaba, we are very happy with your participation in our contest and want to thank you for that. The results of the contest were summed up not so long ago and as you already know, you are one of third prize holders. Our congratulations!
In the nearest future we will send you the prize, which is a set of Belarusian national souvenirs. Hopefully, you will like it.

Best regards,
Radio Belarus

Sanusi Isah Dankaba

Dear radio belarus ,
I am very happy that my name Sanusi Isah Dankaba is on the list among the winners of discover belarus contest and this is the first time to participated your contest. although, i need to be the first prize just inorder to have chance to go to belarus for the first time. any way no problem may be in the near future to have something better. so now i am in the third place i want to ask radio belarus which types of prizes did you send me is it include currency or any other electronic equipment like ipad phone or lap top and so on really i need something like this because i am consider the situation where i am. that is reason why i put more effort to win the first prize for going to belarus free.

your sincerely
Sanusi Isah Dankaba.

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