"Popular Diplomacy"

"Popular diplomacy" is the program about interesting people of our time, about those who have been abroad and are ready to share their impressions of far foreign countries, as well as about the guests who chose our blue-eyed Belarus for studies, recreation, business, traveling. There are a lot of things that unite us: we want peace, appreciate friendship, do everything possible to make our home - planet Earth – more cozy, tranquil, and beautiful.
Our program is about arranging warm good-neighborly relations with representatives of different countries. Musical and sports competitions, joint scientific projects, exchange of students’ delegations – this is the popular diplomacy, where eye-to-eye communication promotes blooming of friendship and mutual understanding around the world. 


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23.20 Bélarus d’aujourd’hui (FR)

23.40 Golden fund of Belarusian Radio (EN)

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Brasław - 106.6 MHz
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