Minsk to host CEI Summit on 12 December

     Minsk will host the Heads of Government of the Central European Initiative member states on 12 December, spokesman for the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Mironchik told a press briefing.
The spokesman disclosed some of the details of the forthcoming event:

    "As of today, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia will send the high-level government delegations to MInsk. We are still waiting on the confirmation from a number of countries. The main theme of the summit is the role of CEI countries in promoting compatibility and complementarity between the various integration processes in a greater Europe, strengthening pragmatic economic cooperation between different integration associations, joining the efforts in confronting new threats to the stability in the region. The summit will adopt the CEI plan of action for 2018-2020. This is the main document of the organization.
It determines the areas of project activities in the future. During the meeting the CEI chairmanship will be handed over from Belarus to Croatia.
With regard to the Belarusian presidency in the CEI, it was very successful. This is confirmed by our partners. We also think that our results are very positive. First, I would like to mention the meeting of the CEI Foreign Ministers, a successful ministerial scientific conference on biotechnologies and pharmaceutics. For the first time in the CEI history Belarus held a meeting of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the CEI member states."

Dmitry Mironchik also mentioned that the fourth meeting of the Belarus-EU Coordination Group is scheduled for December 2017. The agenda will include the development of the political dialogue between Belarus and the European Union and the strengthening of sectoral cooperation.
The Belarusian part of the group, led by a deputy minister of foreign affairs, comprises representatives of different government bodies.

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English Service
Radio Belarus,

Greetings to all staff and listeners of English Service of Radio Belarus.
We listen your webcast program. Your program quality is very nice. Your website is colorful & documented.
We liked your programs, News, and Current Affairs Program. We are interested about Culture, life style of Belarusian people, historical places, Tourist attraction and destination of Belarus.
Please send some program schedule (A19), Calendar , sticker, view card, Promotional items of Radio Belarus for our club members and students.
21st June was fifth International Yoga Day observed across the world. The theme for Yoga Day 2019 was "Yoga for Climate Action”. On this day, which is dedicated to inner and outer well-being of human body, people across the world practice yoga in groups. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice.
We send you some photos related the program which was held in our area on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Our club members are also practice some Yoga.
We are waiting for your reply.

With best wishes,


Dear Shivendu Paul and Metali Listeners' Club,

dthank you for your comment! We'll send you some of our souvenirs ASAP.
Stay tuned and 73,

Hallo Radio Belarus,

ja der Dieter Leupold ist jetzt auch hier im Gästebuch vertreten... Super, bald sind wir alle zusammen hier im "Belarus Hörerclub", Dieter könnte 1.Vorsitzender werden und Jana und Elena Ehrernmitglieder, Helmut Matt Schriftführer, Alfred Albrecht Beisitzer und ich mache Hausmeister:-) Lutz Winkler wie fit bist Du bereits wieder, für Dich finden wir auch eine nette Aufgabe:-) Beste Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende.



Lieber Dietmar,

das stimmt, für alle finden wir im Hörerklub eine Aufgabe!:)
Liebe Grüße und einen guten Start in die Woche!

Здравствуйте. Говоря о красоте природы Беларуси, о менталитете её жителей неотъемлемой чертой которого является гостеприимство хочется назвать Беларусь таким синонимом как Добрарусь.
Сосновский Кирилл.


Дзякуй за водгук!

Hallo Jana und Jelena,
Höre gerade den tollen Song 10:45 min ( Hörerbriefkasten) Was ist das für ein traditionelles Instrument im Soloteil, klingt etwas wie ein Dudelsack, aber der ist ja in Schottland:-)
Dietmar Wolf


Lieber Dietmar,
das ist wirklich ein Dudelsack :) In Belarus wird es aber Dudá genannt. Eigentlich ist Duda ein belarussisches traditionelles Musikinstrument. Übrigens gibt es viele Arten und Formen von Dudelsack in verschiedenen Kulturen und Ländern von Südamerica bis Indien.
PS: das Lied ist Каляда На Балоце von Тутэйшая Шляхта. ;)
Beste Grüße

Dear sir
How are you. I am rasheed from Pakistan. I am listners of radio Belarus. All programe is informative & intersting. I am intersting in history & culture. Thanks. Please send me some datiles about radio.


Dear Muhammad Rasheed Khan, thank you very much for listening to RBI! We'll send you a parcel via regular mail as soon as possible.
Stay tuned and 73!

Добрый день! Прошу уточнить, что за песня играла в субботу 29.09.2018 в период с 14.00 до 16.00 со словами "Маша Маруся...в Беларуси". Буду очень признательна за ответ.


Добрый день, Елена!
Интересующая вас музыкальная композиция - песня "Маня-Маруся", которую исполняет ансамбль "Сябры" (вокал: Валерий Рязанов)!
Спасибо, что Вы с нами!

Вiтаю радыё Беларусь! Я з`яуляюся сталым слухачом Вашай радыёстанцыi. Вельмi падабаюцца перадачы на замежных мовах, якiя даюць магчымасць не толькi даведацца, што адбываецца ў Беларусi i за яе межамi, але ж i ўдасканалiць веды ангельскай, нямецкай, французскай моваў, праслухаўшы перадачы. Хацелася б даведацца, цi плануе радыёстанцыя вяшчанне на FM у Мiнску, бо ў заходнiх рэгiёнах Беларусi радыёстанцыя на FM працуе. У шматнацыянальным Мiнску жыве шмат замежных грамадзян, таксама прыязджаюць турысты, якiя б маглi даведацца пра тое, што аббываецца ў краiне i за яе межамi праз радыё Беларусь. На сёння ў Мiнску няма нiводнай англамоўнай цi iншамоўнай радыёстанцыi. З павагай, ваш слухач Сяргей.
Сяргей, дзякуй за паведамленне! Сапраўды, у Мінску нашы перадачы ў ФМ-дыяпазоне не чуваць. Аднак вы можаце паслухаць абсалютна ўсе нашы перадачы непасрэдна на сайце радыё «Беларусь». Уверсе на старонцы ёсць два радкі: он-лайн вяшчанне і ФМ-вяшчанне. Так што далучайцеся да нас у Інтэрнэце!

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