Urban Rusnak, the Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter

     Over the past few years, the Republic of Belarus has been striving to develop and improve the efficiency of its own energy sector and energy security through the diversification of its sources, which requires significant investment both domestically and from international markets.
        The Secretariat of the European Energy Charter has been working closely with the Government of the Republic of Belarus and its partners to identify and assess legislative barriers and legal risks that can hamper the inflow of investments in the energy sector. The Round Table "Investments in Energy and Energy Efficiency in Belarus", held at the highest level, will allow analyzing the results of the assessment and continue discussing the next steps for cooperation.
The Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter, Urban Rusnak, underlined the peculiarities of cooperation with the Republic of Belarus.The meeting was held at the the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus.



Urban Rusnak

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