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Олег Гарус

Сегодня ночью услышал новую программу "Беларусь в глобальной сети".Спасибо ведущему,по-моему,Валерий Радуцкий был.Узнал много новых адресов и вэб-сайтов.Спасибо за тонкий юмор и граммотную подачу материала!Буду ждать следующего четверга.Сам живу в Барселоне.

Благодарим вас за комплименты, Олег, думаем, ведущему программы было очень приятно. Мы уверены, в новом сезоне вас ждет еще масса приятных впечатлений в компании радио «Беларусь»!

Abdelilah Boubchir

french section,

bonjour mes amis a radio belarus,
j'ai regarder les émissions de la 70 ème anniversaire de la Victoire dans la Grande guerre patriotique.
c'est un grand plaisir d'avoir connu cette épopée historique, la connaissance de la culture et l’histoire de la Biélorussie, c'est un but de notre club des auditeurs, grâce a votre radio nous apprends beaucoup y'a compris la music et la culture populaire de ce pays.
bonne contunuation a ce service et en attente d'une fréquence sur ondes courtes pour l'afrique .
Abdelilah Boubchir

adresse :
Abdelilah Boubchir
05, rue Laredj Bouchentouf
22003, Sidi bel abbes

Bonjour, Monsieur!
Merci de votre message. Nous sommes contents de savoir que les émission de la radio "Belarus" vous aident à apprendre l'histoire et la culture de notre pays.
Cordialement, l'équipe de la radio "Belarus"













感谢您收听白俄罗斯国家广播. 请您与我们积极的互动.祝您一切顺利.





m.s.sreenivasa raju

comments: when i listen todays "made in belarus" programme i found attached audio clip to main stream programme with double or treble loud voice.to listen comfortably its not good.
belarus radio listener in india,
m.s.sreenivasa raju

Dear Mr. Raju, thank you for informing us about this issue. We will fix it as soon as we can!

Radio Belarus

Владимир Лисин

Прослушал Вашу радиопередачу на КВ - 7 255 кгц. и выслав Вам рапорт о приёме, смогу ли я получить от Вас карточку подтверждения о приёме.
Давненько я от Вас ранее получил карточку о приёме на КВ и ДВ.
Прошу ответить на письмо.

Здравствуйте, Владимир. Да, конечно, присылайте рапорт о приёме. Мы с радостью ответим на ваше письмо и вышлем вам QSL карточку.

Jonathan Kempster

Dear Friends, I am listening to your news in English on shortwave 11,730 Khz.
I very much enjoy your shortwave broadcasts which are usually strong and clear.
I do hope that you will continue this service. This is the only way that we in the UK can get accurate information about Belarus.
Very best wishes,
Jonathan Kempster, London.

Thank you Mr.Kempster for such kind words! We're always glad to hear praise from a native English speaker. We will try to keep up with your expectations and continue to inform the world about the latest news from Belarus.









Dear Friends at Radio Belarus:
Today on the 70th anniversary day of the Liberation of Europé from the Nazis I want to send you my heartfelt greetings!
I have witnessed the 9th of May in Minsk with my own eyes some years ago.The atmosphere of joy and quiet jubilation was heartwarming! It is a great memory.
What has been achieved in these 70 years? The democratization and unification of Germany,the end of Fascism in Spain, the end of British, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian and Portuguese Colonial rule in Africa and Asia, the end of Stalinism, the dissimination of the Soviet block. But we unfortunately also have witnessed the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, in Chechenia and now the tragic conflict about the Ukraine. We have seen a new terrorism haunting the World, we see the problems of the Environment.... Just as many negative factors as the positive ones.
Your country Belarus has got a honorable mediatory position in European matters. This is what I want to stress at the end of this message. And this is a thing worth remembering, worth all our appreciation!

Dearest Ullmar Qvick, thank you for your everlasting interest in Radio Belarus!

The entire staff of Radio Belarus congratulate you and all our listeners with the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory!

We wish you good health, good friends and good luck!

biplob kumar adhikari

Very Nice programe.

SW band:
14:00 - 02:00 local time (11:00 - 23:00 UTC) at 11 730 KHz;
20:05 - 02:00 local time (17:05 - 23:00 UTC) at 11 930 KHz.
Biplob Kumar Adhikari Cri club-95, Kalikatala, Kamalapur-7000, Kumarkhali, Kushtia-7000, Bangladesh.

Dear Biplob Kumar Adhikari, thank you very much) Feel free to leave more messages in the guestbook!

Best regards,
Radio Belarus


Dear Radio Friends:
The valuable and hopegiving attitude and position of Belarus in the relations between the West and Russia as well as between Russia and Ukraine gives Belarus a special impetus in the political situation of today. The stand of Belarus deserves respect and support!
Regarding the problem in Communications with Radio Belarus on e-mail I give you here the latest message received:

Your message

Subject: SV: : e-mail

was not delivered to:



Recipient user name Suarez (Suarez@radio.tvr.by) not unique. Several matches found in Domino Directory.

I find this message puzzling indeed.
Kindest regards,
Ullmar Qvick, Norrköping, Sweden

Dear Ullmar, thank you for such kind words!
Regarding the communications issue, we believe that the address Suarez@radio.tvr.by is no longer viable. Please send your e-mails to the following address: radio_belarus@tvr.by.

Best regards,
Radio Belarus


Dear Dmitrij ('Dima')
Thanks for your kind attention. A new e-mail from Larisa was received today, a new e-mail attempt as reply was made, but the same result: Non delivery. I have tried more than 10 times without success.
I will however send any news of interest to you at Radio Belarus through this Guestbook. My compliments on your excellent website"

You’re welcome) Feel free to leave your messages in the guestbook!


Dear Radio Friends:
I have a Communication problem; my e-mails for "Letters to Editor", Larisa Suarez, with the address Suarez@radio.tvr.by are now bouncing back - not accepted by your Postmaster.
Please inform Larisa Suarez about this and ask her to find out the reason. Her e-mail from this address arrived today, but my reply was again refused, returned.
Kind regards,
Ullmar Qvick, Norrköping, Sweden.

Dear Ullmar, we've already informed Larisa about this. She will try to contact you as soon as possible!

Дмитрий Жаворонков

здравствуйте уважаемые друзья из Республики Беларусь.
Сегодня принял вашу передачу на немецком языке на частоте 11730 .. К сожалению сигнал сдесь в России в кировской области достаточно слабый. Но обычно я вас слушаю через интернет на вашем сайте. Передачи считаю довольно интересными. Особенно нравяться ваши песни на Белоррусском языке.
Рапорт о приёме я вам посылаю по обычной почте на листе бумаге. Думаю и вам приятнее такие рапорты получать чем по E-Mail

Уважаемый Дмитрий!
Спасибо, что написали в гостевую книгу! Немецкая редакция рада, что передачи на немецком языке слушают теперь не только в немецкоязычных странах. С нетерпением ждем Вашего письма!

Немецкая служба Радио "Беларусь".

Tom Bethe

Hallo Belarus Team :)

Ich habe eben als SWL/BCL für längere Zeit das Programm vor 15.00 UTC auf KW 11.730 gehört und war sehr überrascht von der angenehmen Aussendung! SWL betreibe ich noch nicht so lange und bin bisher noch nicht auf Radio Belarus gelandet, werde aber in Zukunft gerne wieder reinhören. Danke und viele Grüße,

Sehr geehrter Herr Bethe,
das ist für uns sehr angenehm, dass Sie für sich Radio Belarus auf unserer Mutterssprache - Belarussisch - entdeckt haben! Wir haben auch deutsches Programm: 2 Stunden pro Tag! Bleiben Sie mit uns! In der Zukunft können Sie uns uhre Fragen über den Sender oder unser Land schicken!

german service.


Dear Friends: Glad to inform you about positive news about Belarus in the Swedish radio newscast today. President Lukashenko's stand in the Ukraine problem appreciated in the west, talks with Mr Lukashenko anticipated in Riga in coming EU meeting. And the Belarus president enjoys stronger support within the country, a strong man is preferred to an opposition which may cause a "Maydan" in Belarus, it is said in the Swedish radio today. --- Kind regards!

Dear Ullmar, thank you for sharing this news with us! Let's hope that Belarus-EU relations will further develop and improve.

Best regards to one of our best listeners)

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